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Spiced Chai

Life is like a cup of tea.....the taste is all upto how YOU make it!

Tea Tales

Tea is second nature to Bornali Borthakur a.k.a Gauri Dixit. Born and bred up amidst the lavish & luxurious 'Tea Estate' culture of Assam, Gauri has spent her early years in the tea gardens of Assam. Her knowledge of teas enjoyed by European & American travellers grew as she kept serving guests from all over the world in her restaurant in Nepal.

Whether it is black, green or white, she knows all about her teas, the right temperatures to process and brew it and, of course, all about the secrets, healing & wellness properties of the tea plant - Camilia Sinensis.

Today, despite selling her teas in bulk quantities all across the globe she plans to foray into the retail market of Mumbai, India to educate the retail consumer about teas and their anti-oxidant healing properties through her tea blends.

Farmer at Work

Ek Kali Doti Paat...

"Ek kali doti paat" is a sentence all too familiar with anyone who is an authentic farmer of Teas. The Assamese phrase holds the key to pick a genuine and super quality leaf from the tea plant. 

We pick the best tips and leaves to make our teas & blends. 

Back to her roots

Bornali works in Assam with small tea producers and growers to produce & package some of the finest quality of teas for export and domestic markets. Her all women team gets personal training at her tea factory in Assam.

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