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The Veda is source of inspiration to 'Right Diet'

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The globe today is frenetically going after the advantages of Millet. Many claim now that it is therapeutic and healing. There are arguments for and against and soon we will see 'lobbies' and again this is bound to turn into another multi-billion dollar industry.

I have been drawing my own inspiration and knowledge to right food and what is good for consumption from the ancient texts called Veda. One of the reasons why I look at the restaurant business as 'Spiritual'. One can be serving society in different forms and need not think that one is away from the 'Spiritual'. Attitude and knowledge make it all different.

There is a verse in the Chamakam which states the following:

ऊर्क्च मे सूनृता च मे पयश्च मे रसश्च मे

घृतं च मे मधुच मे सग्धिश्च मे सपीतिश्च मे

कृषिश्च मे वृष्टिश्च मेजैत्रं च म औद्भिद्यं च मे

रयिश्च मे रायश्च मेपुष्टं च मे पुष्टिश्च मे

विभुच मे प्रभुच मे बहु च मे भूयश्च मे

पूर्णं च मे पूर्णतरं च मेऽक्षितिश्च मे कूयवाश्च मे

ऽन्नं च मेऽक्षुच्च मे व्रीहियश्च मे यवाश्च मे माषाश्च मे

तिलाश्च मे मुद्गाश्च मे खल्वाश्च मे गोधूमाश्च मे

मसुराश्च मे प्रियंगवश्च मेऽणवश्च मे

श्यामाकाश्च मे नीवाराश्च मे ||

Without going too deep into the entire meaning of the text mentioned above, let us get the broad picture of a few lines withing it. It means "May I be granted the gift of abundance of all varieties of cereals, millets and corn. May my stock of grain and food never diminish. May I never experience hunger for want of food. May I be granted paddy, barley, black gram, sesame, greengram, castor seeds, wheat, bengal gram, millets and wild forest grains in abundance."

We can see that Millets have always been a great source of food. I remember some very old ladies in my country saying this to me as well. Before animals were fed millets, humans used to consume them too. Suddenly we lost this knowledge and now just go on to Youtube and you will find that it is surfacing again.

At Aniyor Veg & Vegan Restaurant, we use millets in place of wheat in many areas. This makes our food not just gluten free but also far more healthier than the all-purpose flour counterparts. We are currently researching into Millets further and developing various types of Momos for consumption by Vegans who visit our restaurant with great trust and hope.

Another source of inspiration and learning from ancient texts is the part from the Taittiriya Upanishad of the Veda. It says

अन्नं न निन्द्यात् तद् व्रतम्

Do not abuse or talk disparagingly about any kind of food. Make this as a discipline.

Eventually, evolution is about discovering that everything around you, outside you, inside of you... and YOU, is nothing but 'Consciousness' alone. So naturally, you cannot be disparaging or demeaning anythign or anyone in this entire universe. Nay, multiverse!

Food is included in this, isn't it? None can feel or need to feel 'superior' or 'inferior' by nature of food they eat. All types of food is to be respected. Yet, there are certain types of food that help you evolve and this cannot be denied either.

At Aniyor, we research constantly into such types of foods that increase your Sattva or Ormus as some people call it.

There are many more texts I have come across which speak of increasing the Ormus in the foods that we consume and at Aniyor we implement as much as we can. We have found our guests returning and complimenting us for doing this. Also, we have found deep connections between Sattvic content, Ormus levels, PH of food - alkaline or acidic and detox levels in each ingredient of our food. We will be surely sharing all this knowleldge through our workshops, classes and our video content at the appropriate time.

Suddenly, Aniyor is no longer an ordinary restaurant. It has become a laboratory for evolution of the conscious.

It is besides the point that we do it through food!

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