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Sattva or Ormus - can we actually put food particles into a 'spin'?

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Guests visiting Aniyor Veg & Vegan Restaurant after eating always say that they feel light and find our food energising. We have had trekkers returning from the mountains, walking into our restaurant, eating and then saying that they felt totally rejuvenated. So how does this happen? We have no qualms in sharing our secrets with you. In fact, we want others to emulate us and do the same.

We call it Sattva. Over the years we have learnt that we can use the power of sound & its frequencies to raise the level of Sattva in not just the food but also in the ambience. I was reading up on something called as ORMUS but let me tell you Sattva goes far far beyond that. We don't just stick to monoatomic elements. We have found Sattva in diatomic molecules as well. Sattvic food contains pH closer to alkaline levels and this in turn balances all particles in the human body making it stronger and more energetic. How do we achieve this? We use simple yet powerful mantra-s from the ancient scriptural texts called the Veda.

The mantra puts the particles of food into a high spin state and this helps pass energy from one to the next with no net loss of energy. This is the food that our guests ingest and the effect works on their bodies as well, allowing clearer cell-to-cell communication. If you don't believe us, just try it. You can do it at your home as well. Learn chanting of Vedic or Veda mantra-s and the recite the before you cook a meal, as you cook it and then continue to do so mentally as you even eat the meal. You can talk to any Yoga student who has been practising mantra yoga and know more about the Sattva or Sattvic effect of right kinds of food and what it can do to your body and mind.

You will be simply amazed. Well, we are at least!

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