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A veg & vegan restaurateur with passion for food & guest service

I own and manage a tiny space in Kathmandu where I serve quality Vegetarian & Vegan food to my guests.

I call it Aniyor, a space where one can eat the best quality of vegetarian and vegan food in entire Nepal.

As I come from a tiny hamlet in Assam, a fairly undeveloped area, I had been exposed to various traditional foods from rural India and also being Indian, I belonged to one of the regions of the world where Vegetarianism was propounded for thousands of years. In fact most diets were not simply vegetarian but also Vegan, and few know of this. Today, the word Vegan has become rather popular around the globe but I remember taking to Vegan diet 3 days of the week. The other 4 used to be Vegetarian.

My spiritual studies help me to go deep into types and nature of food as I see food to be a source of energy and the entire universe is a weave of 'Energy' after all. My insights in the kitchen as chef and as a manager in the front gives me sufficient knowledge to prepare the most healthy and nutritious food for my clients.

While people think that I own a restaurant, I personally see myself as running a centre where I support people from all over the globe to practise veganism and vegetarianism. I am passionate about conscious foods and study of consciousness. My only Prayer is that every human realises the impact of the food they eat on their body and mind.

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