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A vast majority of population is forced to use E-commerce portals now. Pandemic and lockdowns have paved the way further. Aniyor is taking on a new avatar. We are no longer a mere local wayside restaurant. After catering to guests from over 160+ countries in Kathmandu, Nepal, we would like to support the restaurant community to survive and help them to keep their minimum Sales through our online platform.

Join by sending us an email & we will mail our subscription form to you. Our digital marketing experts are working hard to bring new customers to your restaurant. Aniyor's intention is to mutually help both restaurants as well as the users of online order service. 

Adding your restaurant into our platform is the great value for your future business growth.

Whether you are making food from your home or have a tiny restaurant someplace, Aniyor will show you the model how to grow your business.

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