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What began as Aniyor Veg & Vegan Restaurant in 2014 by Gauri Dixit aka Bornali Borthakur, in the glorious and beautiful land of Nepal, is today on a mission to change lifestyles and help sustainabile ventures in the Himalayan region with the entry of Gauri's associate Santosh Vallury.

The two of them, besides offering the tastiest & healthiest food to locals & tourists from over 160 countries through their Vegetarian & Vegan restaurant, are now ready to launch their own brand of packaged foods & superfoods which can be carried by trekkers & climbers to peaks over 5000 meters above sea level and yet remain fresh & tasty. 

With the sole aim of touching more people's lives and giving them the best possible experiences in the Himalayan regions, the company has also been organising various customised treks & tours for the tourists who enter Nepal.


"To be able to give the best & holistic experience to every possible guest who comes in touch with us through the channels of Tourism & Food & Beverage industry. We want to contribute & benefit the local Himalayan economy through various endevours of skill & emotional development which we do through our state-of-the-art trainings & workshops."

Rice and Vegetable Curry
Scenic Mountain Biking


“To build sustainable futures for the communities we serve in the Himalayan region & elsewhere through long term value creation based on Leadership & Trust for all our stakeholders"

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